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Electrical Panel Upgrade - Hurican Electrician Burbank

Our team of expert electricians at Hurican Electrician, generally recommend our clients to go for an electrical panel upgrade once in every 25-40 years. So, if your home or office is this age, our team can help you with handling the electrical panel upgrade professionally

What Signs Show That the Electrical Panel is Turning Outdated?

Old electrical panels can fail to function normally at any time. However, in most instances, the issue stems from overloading circuits. So, if you are noticing glimmering lights or if you find that you will have to switch off one appliance for operating another appliance in the same circuit, we at Hurican Electrician suggest getting an electrical panel upgrade. However, if the panel starts to malfunction, you will find that the breakers are frequently tripping. Otherwise, if they do not trip, there is a chance of shock hazard to someone. In worst cases, the breaker that does not trip can lead to melted wires, smoke and even fire from overheating. To prevent these major issues we suggest an electrical panel upgrade to our clients.


Our Transparent Pricing Matters

At Hurican Electrician, we believe that our transparent pricing is one of our biggest strengths. We always maintain it to the best satisfaction of our clients. Our clients have always appreciated our appropriate pricing not just for electrical panel upgrade, but whatever service they get from us like emergency electrician, wiring, rewiring, etc.

Why Not Think About DIY Electrical Panel Upgrade?

At Hurican Electrician due to our transparency in pricing, we clearly specify our prospective clients that most of the costs associated with the panel upgrade go for labor. So, they always think about handling it as a DIY project. But, it is illegal in some states. Even, if it is legal in your area, it is extremely dangerous to handle electrical panels without proper training. The reason is that you should have the proper training in handling electrical wires to engage in a panel upgrade. So, leave it to us and stay comfortable. Our trained technicians can handle it to the best of your satisfaction.

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