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Rewiring & Wiring - Hurican Electrician Burbank

Many homeowners and even owners of commercial establishments invest a lot in safety-related improvements. But, the thing they overlook is that the electrical system in an old building. The wires, breakers, switches and outlets that were installed several decades ago in your home or office cannot meet the present power-hungry appliances and electronics. Here, opting for rewiring & wiring can be the best choice and we at Hurican Electrician can do this work to your best satisfaction.

When Should be Wiring/Rewiring done?

At Hurican Electrician, we recommend that the electrical wiring is important in a new building. In the same way, rewiring becomes essential when there was a recent renovation or remodeling of your property, during an electrical system upgrade and home damage repair.

Being the home for experts in wiring and rewiring, our team at Hurican Electrician can complete the project to your best satisfaction. Our technicians are trained and they are let to take up any job with our clients only after proper training. So, we assure you of the best results.


Prevent a Fire Hazard

When years pass by with the age-old wires, breakers and other electrical supplies, there will be a steady increase in the load joined with accumulated wear and stress on the electrical network. These things can create a potential fire hazard. At Hurican Electrician, we offer electrical rewiring services in Burbank and nearby areas. In turn, we can assure you of the safe operation of all powered appliances and machines in your home.


Signs to Identify Whether Your Home Needs Rewiring

If your building is old and if you are thinking whether a rewiring should be done in your home or office, you can understand it with some signs

  • Dimming or flickering of lights when the appliances are turned on
  • Power loss when more than a single appliance is engaged
  • Lack of grounding for high-voltage appliances
  • Frequent heating up of Porcelain fuses
  • Exposed wiring in the ceiling, floor or wall
  • Frequent tripping of breakers
  • Obsolete fuse panel

f you face these issues in your home or office in Burbank and nearby areas, at Hurican Electrician, we have got you covered.